Thomas Kinkade has just released this amazing image:

“Selfless Service”

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”, a divine truism emblematic of the profound bonds that inextricably link our nation. Nowhere has that love been more vividly expressed than in the selfless service of our beloved first responders. Whether courageously entering the embattled towers on 9-11, picking up an injured teammate in battle, or diligently serving in our law enforcement community, our brave brothers and sisters daily express unconditional love…often with the ultimate Sacrifice."

-Thomas Kinkade

This is a Limited Edition image and we are expecting a quick sellout. The image is available in the following sizes:

Publish Sizes
12” x 9”
16” x 12”
24" x 18”
34” x 25 ½”

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